A newsletter for the terminally curious

I started The Whippet because doomscrolling is killing us, but switching off the internet isn’t the answer.

The news is full of genuinely exciting and magical information! Planets where it rains diamonds, gold-eating mushrooms, wolverine frogs that push their sharpened fingerbones out through their own skin (I said magical, not pleasant).

I don’t want to miss that stuff! I want that ping feeling in my brain when I learn something new and fascinating. I want that reminder that the world is always, always stranger than you think.

The perfect newsletter would give me breathing space away from politics, but still light up my brain –not the sort of ‘good news’ that’s just pictures of otters holding hands or whatever (sorry, otters).

I couldn’t find a newsletter like that so I made one myself. Then I added an advice column because I goddamn love advice columns. Sign up, see how you like it, I promise this sentence is the one and only time Trump or Brexit gets mentioned.

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History, science, and weirdness with guaranteed 0% contemporary politics because oh my god sometimes you need a break. Goes out every other Thursday, a minute after midnight (AEST).

Praise for The Whippet

“The Whippet is beautifully written and gloriously diverse.”

“I love your newsletter so much! A world of interesting things to learn, in a too-busy and sometimes worrying time.”

“I’m vicious about unsubscribing to anything that isn’t life-enhancing and I love what you do!”