A newsletter for the terminally curious

History, science, and weirdness with guaranteed 0% contemporary politics because oh my god sometimes you need a break.

I started The Whippet because it was getting harder and harder to find interesting articles without being swamped by Trump news, and it was doing my head in. I wanted a breather from the harrowing stuff, but I didn’t want just pictures of cute animals, either, I wanted the things that make your brain light up:

  • Scientific discoveries
  • News articles about heists
  • Bizarre animals
  • WTF history
  • What everyday life is like for, say, a Trappist monk
  • ‘Fun facts’ that have actually been checked on Snopes before re-sharing

I couldn’t find a newsletter like that so I made one myself. Sign up, see how you like it, I promise that’s the one and only time Trump gets mentioned.

Goes out every other Thursday, 7am AEST.

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