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Write your future self an email with FutureMe

McKinley Valentine — 1 min read
Write your future self an email with FutureMe
Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko / Unsplash

I love FutureMe, I use this all the time. Firstly just for pep talks. Write yourself an email when you've just accomplished something so later you can remember and remember how proud you were then (it's so easy to normalise level ups in your life).

Also to check in on goals. If you decide you're going to start, I don't know, meditating twice a week, schedule an email for yourself in three months to see how the habit is going (both whether you've slipped and need to re-apply yourself, and also whether it's made an improvement to your life).

Or: if you're sad about something. Your work environment. Your house. Your friend. Write an email that says, "hey you were complaining about x a whole bunch, are you still complaining about it now? If yes, THREE MONTHS IS TOO LONG, YOU NEED TO LEAVE THAT JOB/HOUSE/FRIEND. It helps you discern between passing bad moods and things that are causing you systematic troubles that you really need to deal with.


Bonus advice: don't scorn tourist towns, man! They make their money from being pretty, which means they don't have, for example, outdoor advertising / billboards etc. Most cities sacrifice prettiness for the sake of literally any lobby group that will give them a kickback, but tourist towns can't because prettiness is where the money is.

I based the last two weeks of my trip on the Wikipedia page for car-free places and I do not regret it.

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