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Tips for becoming more assertive

McKinley Valentine — 1 min read
Tips for becoming more assertive
Photo by NeONBRAND / Unsplash

You know it’s really important to set personal boundaries, but it’s hard! The moment for saying No seems to slip past and now you’re planning a hen’s night for a woman from work that you don’t even like. People will tell you to practise by starting small – “I would like a table near the window, thanks.” “I don’t want mayo on my sandwich, please.”

– but sometimes a good way to improve is to throw yourself in the deep end. This week, try saying one of the following things when someone suggests something you’re not interested in:

  • You’re dead to me.
  • I have no son (co-worker, waitress, etc.).
  • If I ever see you here again, I’m calling the cops.

Okay good luck!

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