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Why videogame music is perfect focus music

McKinley Valentine — 1 min read
Why videogame music is perfect focus music
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - parasail music.

YouTube has a loop function now, so you can play a video on a seamless loop. Just right-click on the Play button.

I find working to one long piece of videogame music on repeat quite effective. This is kind of an established trick — videogame music is specifically designed to get you into a rhythmic flow. It’s intended to be a background to a focused task. (Obviously depends on the game, don’t go with an indie game about coming to terms with loss or something.)

I edited that memoir mainly to Zelda Breath of the Wild Paraglider Mini-Game music on loop — the Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing soundtracks are a bit slower paced.

A lot of people recommend Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road.

But really probably any game you’ve played is probably the better choice, because the music will be a pleasant reminder to you. Youtube has extended versions of most themes.

If you have a task that you want to get in flow for, give videogame music a shot.

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