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Store your cups in a drawer, not a cupboard

McKinley Valentine — 1 min read
Pictured: My kitchen drawers. Please don’t dox me.

So much easier, you can see everything, you can reach everything! You use up all the space instead of just the front rows!

This will only be a small improvement to your life, but it will be an objective and tangible improvement, and who is turning that down these days?

Extra details:

I assume you don’t have a spare drawer — move the clingfilm or teatowels into the former cup cupboard, or put your ladles etc. in a jar on the bench.

If you have too many cups for the drawer, put your most-used and favourites in the drawer.

A piece of non-slip matting is nice underneath — the stuff you buy to stop rugs sliding around on wooden floors. Not crucial, just if you have any off-cuts lying around.

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