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Two ways to make your twitter experience better

McKinley Valentine — 1 min read
Two ways to make your twitter experience better
Photo by Joshua Hoehne / Unsplash
  1. This extension (Chrome, Firefox, user script), which hides Trending Topics and other distracting sidebar content, ensures timelines is always chronological, generally cleans up clutter, as well as a few other neat features you can try out in options.
  2. Timed Mutes, a browser app you’ll want to bookmark. Sometimes someone you follow on twitter is like, livetweeting all 8000 episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful as some kind of stunt, and you just can’t be having it, but you don’t actually want to unfollow them because you like what they have to say usually. Timed Mutes lets you mute them for the time period of your choice.

But McKinley, surely if twitter is that annoying, you could just—

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