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I let a neural network write this advice column

McKinley Valentine — 2 min read
advice column written by a neural network
Photo by Alex Knight / Unsplash

Today’s UA was written by NovelAI: I fed it some previous Unsolicited Advice and it generated this.

"People who want to get more out of life often think they need to change the way they interact. And they’ll look at their current friends and family and see “that’s not working” and “they could do better”.

The problem with this thinking is: “That’s not working” and “They could do better” are both based on a false premise.

I am not a good friend.

I know this because I’ve spent years and years asking my friends to do stuff and then getting angry when they didn’t do it.

I’ve been in situations where a bunch of people were doing something together, and I’ve thought “why won’t anyone do xxx? It’s so much easier than yyyy!” And then I’ve realised the reason no one was doing xxx was because they weren’t invited."

[Oh my god AI McKinley is the worst! — Real McKinley]

"Sometimes I try to invite people over and they don’t show up. Sometimes they arrive late and leave early.

This isn’t a failure on my part. This is a sign they’re not a good fit for me.

If I’m the only one that’s doing something, I’m going to be disappointed. If I’m the only person in a group of people doing something, I’m going to feel like I can’t trust any of them.

So if I do stuff with you, I’m not expecting you to do all the work.

You’re there as a witness, you’re there to make sure I’m not alone."

Instructions for using this yourself

Costs $10 to access FYI

  1. Go to NovelAI and sign up.
  2. Click New Story.
  3. Paste a bunch of text into the blank document.
  4. Hit Send. It will generate a sentence.
  5. Keep hitting Send to generate more.
  6. If you don’t like a direction it’s taken, delete that part and hit Send again.

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